Our Story

river-2The Tar River slices through central North Carolina.  Along the banks of the river in the town of Rocky Mount, was one of the first indoor, sit-down barbecue restaurants in the state; Melton’s BBQ. Melton’s pork barbecue and Brunswick stew were so loved, even when the river overflowed its banks, people would paddle over to the restaurant to purchase their dinner.

When people think of North Carolina pork barbecue, they think of the eastern style with its vinegar and pepper sauce, or they think of the western style with its spicy vinegar and tomato sauce.  Few realize there is also a style unique to the central part of the state in the Rocky Mount and Wilson vicinity.  In this region, the barbecue sauce is vinegar-based and contains a balanced blend of heat, sweetness, and savory flavors.  Today, Melton’s BBQ is long gone, but their flavors are hard to forget.  These flavors are what our Central North Carolina BBQ Rub, Seasoning, & Sauce Mix strives to replicate and it is this legacy our company is named for.


grandpa-framedJohn W. Cockrell
1900 – 1975

Dedicated to my grandfather.
The man that introduced me to NC BBQ